Saturday, August 17, 2013

Windows Key Shortcuts

A little bit off topic but a bit of a compliment to Excel are simple windows tips. Since I don't want to write another blog for windows tips, here are some of my most used windows shortcuts.

The windows logo key (between the left ctrl and alt keys) is something I have been overlooking for years. End users can shave a little time off many tasks each day using shortcuts with the key. 

Over time those little time savings will add up big.

Use the following shortcuts with the windows key for common tasks:

Windows Key – Pulls up the start menu, hitting it again will minimize the start menu.

Windows Key + E – Opens “Computer” or “My Computer”
Windows Key + D – Shows the Desktop
Windows Key + F – Search for files or folders
Windows Key + L – Lock the computer
Windows Key + R – Open the Run dialog box
Windows Key + T – Toggle through menus on the task bar
Windows Key + Tab – 3D toggle view of open programs
Windows Key + Any Arrow Key – Shifts the active window position

Windows Key + Pause – Open systems Properties dialog box.

Please note, these work in Windows 7, some of the shortcuts do not work in older versions of Windows.

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